Facebook reminded me of these photos today and it stopped me in my tracks. This was Mireya’s 4th birthday, all she wanted to do was go to Kings Dominion because she had never been. Just weeks earlier she had been hospitalized for about 3 weeks due to low counts and unexplainable bruising.

We had yet to determine a diagnosis because at the time only one cell line was in mass destructo. Reya had just received a transfusion the day before to help her platelets bounce back and diminish the amount of bruising present all over her body and in her mouth. I remember this day so vividly, we knew she wasn’t well enough to endure a lot, but we went anyway because we had to be back at the hospital within a day or two for more extensive testing. We enjoyed this day like we had nothing to face. It was the last fun day we had together before our lives were forever changed by a almost three year battle with life threatening illness. It is so hard to watch your child endure something you cannot fix or change. Praying today for so many families….those grieving, those battling and those preparing to fight.