Five years ago on this very day we were scheduled to be admitted to Children’s Hospital of Richmond @ VCU for our first bone marrow transplant. That date ended up being pushed back because one of Jalen’s test came back questioning the potential of a virus in his system.  Today, five years later, after some final baseline testing, Mireya has been released to survivorship.  We’ve been waiting for this day for many months.  Our Medical Team hinted, you’re never ‘fully’ released, but is it a blessing to finally reach this milestone in our journey.

In true #TeamBolton fashion a dance party and celebration will be had. Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, prayers, love and support….it has strengthened and encouraged us along the way. We are trusting and believing that all the potential risks, complications or latent effects of chemotherapy and the extremely toxic medications will not be a issue for her in the future.  The best of what God has is yet to come!!!!