Reya’s appointment today only lasted 3.5 hours. Her counts came up a bit since Friday but her white count is still lagging along with her magnesium. The dosage on one of her anti-rejection medications has been changed. Sometimes when this medication is given at certain levels, it can be prohibitive to the white count. Hopefully we’ll begin to see her white count increase a bit more.

A Medical Student started on the floor today shadowing our Physician. Mireya was his first pediatric patient and he was given the task of a full physical and exam. We were on our second run of Barbie’s ‘The Nutcracker’ and I wanted to bang my head against the wall in dread. We’ve watched this movie at every appointment over the last week for a total of 5 times x 1.5 hours (give me strength). We had time to burn waiting for our lab results and it was a welcome change of pace and entertainment. Now you only get to pull the ‘this is my first day, first patient’ card once, but, we finally got through it and overall he did a good job and had excellent bedside mannerisms. I think he’ll do great.

Reya’s platelets have started to increase which is awesome. They’ve not been higher than about 15k on their own, so we’re doing a little Arsenio Hall fist pump over here @ 31k. It will really be great when all three counts are on the rise unassisted by transfusions or medication.

One of our new favorite times of the day is 7pm. That kicks off the Bolton Evening Part-tay on the deck. It’s time to light the citronella, get the bubbles machine blowing and kick up the tunes and just chill out. Last night we sat out there well into the night and shut it down with a Family Salsa dance. Jalen and I have decided we’ll be hitting the town for a Mother/Son Dance. The kids love to dance and we are known to have dance parties all throughout the week, but they think it’s really cool to dance at night under the stars with ‘fire’ all around us. It’s the simple things….continuing not to sweat the small stuff and savoring these moments together.