2011 is a momentous academic year for us. We have a Senior and the eldest of my little people is starting Kindergarten. I’ve had moments of elation. I’m excited for them both. I’ve also had moments of serious weeping. The thought of how quickly my little guy is growing up and the realization that my firstborn will be off to college next year is emotionally overwhelming.

We survived Kindergarten Orientation. All the parents were corralled in the auditorium and pumped with tons of information. We were also given lots of forms to complete. The children were taken to their classrooms to explore their new world and spend time with their teacher. At the conclusion of the parent session, a really heartwarming poem was shared. My eyelids rimmed with tears, but I managed to hold it together. My son was very excited but also very nervous. His teacher seems like a super lady. Her vivacious personality could hold the attention of most anyone. She genuinely appeared to love kids and her profession. Witnessing that made me very happy and even more excited for him.

We’re still setting up lunch accounts, processing fees and finalizing Senior Portraits. 7 more days and their off. One on a school bus, and the other driving. I’m not sure what this year will bring? There will be a lot of firsts for my little guy and lasts for my big girl. I’m going to sit back and relive all the firsts with him because it’s been quite awhile for me. I also plan to cherish this final year of school and activities for my daughter. Bitter and sweet!