The family and I, along with my Mom, went to the Squirrel’s Nest to hang out with Nutzy the Squirrel. We drove down to the Diamond for a sold out ball game. We managed to maneuver pretty swiftly through the masses and settle into our seats. Within a few innings, we made our way to the snack bar for about $42 worth of food for the seven of us. Who knew about the rule within the Minor League regarding no straws and lids for soft drinks? It involves something about a saftety hazard. The food was surprising decent. The game itself was pretty uneventful until the last few innings. The Squirrels amped it up and scored two runs to win the game. There were a host of interesting events/contests for the kids to participate in throughout the game. The Sponsors also had several giveaways. Those staffers need to work on their throwing arms. We were in the Silver Deck and they could barely make it to that level. The poor people in General Admission never had a fighting chance. Nutzy, the mascot, made an appearance mere feet away from us which had my son in my lap in 0.2 seconds. He is not a fan of big dress-up characters. Chuck E. Cheese, Monkey Joe, all send him in a tail spin. After a few unsuccessful attempts, ‘The Wave’ finally made it all the way around the stadium and back. That was cool to see and be a part of. A few foul balls were hit in our section. One was stopped by the shin of a lady just two rows in front of us which required medical attention. I watched her sweetly seething as the ball she’d risked her life for was handed over to a 1-year-old toddler who really had no clue where she even was. There were fireworks at the conclusion of the game. They really put on a awesome display. My son was pumping his fist the entire time loving the show. My 3-year-old was in tears, but would occasionally glance over in awe of all the pretty lights in the sky. The 1-year-old was enjoying it but definitely could have done without all the loud booms. Her heart was racing. Overall it was a great time. We’ll definitely plan to make it out to some of the games in the ’11 season.