Our dear wonderful brother, we love walking you to the bus stop in the morning.  We cry and are sad when you leave.  Somewhere between walking back home and crossing the threshold of the doorway our minds are in the zone….The Girl Zone!

As you are putting your lunch box and backpack away, we are putting on Princess dresses and picking the Princess movie of the day. Monday – Snow White, Tuesday – Tangled, Wednesday – Cinderella, Thursday- Aladdin, Friday – Princess and the Frog or something like that.  You have one resource period a day, while we’re certain to incorporate reading, music and art on any given day.

There’s snack time, lunch time and the ‘often resisted’ nap time. I know your glad you did away with those long ago. By the time we wake up it’s time for our second favorite time of the day, walking to the bus stop to pick you up.  We love that your not to cool to get of the bus with smiles and hugs us.  Hearing all the things you learned and did are fascinating, and we can’t wait until we are old enough to ride the bus to school.

For now we’ll enjoy hearing all about the adventures of school and we’ll keep our fun times and adventures between the us.  What happens at home while your away, stays at home even when you come back.  There are days you are sad because you have to go to school and will miss us, or maybe it’s because you think your ‘missing’ out on all the fun at home.  We won’t ever admit, you are! Welcome home oh dear wonderful brother.  The Girl Zone is definitely over when you arrive.  We can now look forward to watching ‘Walking with Beasts’, playing Dinosaurs and Princesses or having you chase us around on all fours like an indricothere or hyenadon.  Big Brothers Rock!