The Make A Wish team came by to meet Princess Reya and begin the process of designing a wish consisting of who? what? where? and when!  That line of questioning took us straight down a path to Disney World to meet none other than Princess Aurora, Mireya’s favorite princess.  The volunteer team arrived with a special ‘Make A Wish’ Barbie doll for Mireya.  She was so excited about this beautiful new barbie to add to her collection.  The kids were on ‘all energy’ for the entire interview.  You’d think we’d not been out the house much or had very minimal interaction with people. Hmm…sounds familiar?  There were tons of questions to answer.  Mireya’s second wish choice was a family beach trip.  We weren’t able to take our planned beach vacation this year and Mireya told me repeatedly in the hospital how she wanted to go to the beach.  Can I interject and make that a international beach trip to Turks and Caicos?  I know I continue to digress, so back to making a dream come true for Mireya.

Disney is apparently one of the most popular wishes amongst the little ones.  I’ve never been but have several friends that have done Disney many times and love it. We had plans to do Disney this past Spring Break, the week of Mireya’s birthday, but ended up changing those plans because of a conflict.  We thought about when we could possibly do it again, but hadn’t revisited it.  We were in Orlando back when Paris was about eight years old and decided
to do Universal Studios and Adventure Island instead of Disney.  Nickelodeon was really big then.  Somehow we were selected for one of those Nickelodeon game show segments and I also got picked out of the audience for an Animal Planet piece that concluded with me and another woman holding an albino burmese python.  I wanted to pass out, but we had a lot of fun at both parks.

Disney would be a first
for all of us. Mireya’s loves the Disney Princesses, but it wasn’t until after she had
her transplant that she realized there was actually a place call Disney
World.  We’d never mentioned the impending trip to the kids, in the event we didn’t go, but if you recall, I used going out of the room to look up all things Aurora as a privilege for getting out of the bed and walking around.  In the beginning we found a lot of animated videos and songs, but one day Mireya saw a little girl meeting Princess Aurora while at Disney World and she was hooked on the notion you could actually go somewhere and meet Princess Aurora.  It will be a treat when she realizes Princess A hangs with a crew of girls namely, Cinderella, Snow While, Tiana, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine.

We’re not sure when her medical team will allow for such a journey, but it will be something really awesome to look forward to.  The volunteers left, but the smile on Mireya’s face remained well into the next morning when she told me how happy she was to meet Ms. Tammy and Ms. Kim and receive her special wish Barbie.  She continued to tell me all throughout the day how happy she was to receive her wish.  She believes the ‘Make A Wish’ barbie doll was her wish.  She will be so surprised when the time comes to actually go to Disney and meet the princesses.  I’m super happy for Mireya. What an amazing blessing it is to have something so special planned just for her.

Over the years I’ve made pledges and donations to the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’.  To date
over 212,000 wishes have been granted and every 40 minutes a new wish is granted. That is truly amazing!!  I never imagined I would be on the receiving end of a wish come true, but I’m thankful for an organization whose mission is to give hope, strength and joy to a child suffering through or recovering from a life threatening illness.  Thank you Make A Wish Foundation!