Our appointment this week was a bit long.  I’ve been spoiled over the last few weeks of getting blood work done, a quick exam/review and receiving results later in the day.  This appointment took hours and there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that was done.  Just one of those days where there are tons of people to see and to few people to handle the masses.
One of our favorite stops at each appointment is seeing Ms. Roz.  If there was anyone you know with every part of your being is in the right place, it’s Ms. Roz.  She is the first person the children see each week.  Ms. Roz check heights, temperatures, lets you know if you need to add some fries with that shake, adorns you with a green bracelet (registration armband) and rewards you with the stickers of your choice for being a good patron.  This week Mireya was up a pound, so no shakes needed. During those few important moments spent with Ms. Roz, she radiates joyful happiness and will always bring a smile to your face with her gentle and loving demeanor.  Reya enjoys seeing Ms. Roz, especially when she has Princess stickers and even if she doesn’t she still enjoys it and Hello Kitty will do.  Mireya also got a really cute cap as a part of the ASK Kourageous Kids Program.  They held a ‘Hats Off’ event where they collected over 1,000 hats representing kids going through treatment.

A few counts are causing some head scratching, but overall Reya is doing well.  That pesky cough has returned on the scene and was bothersome enough to send us back upstairs for another chest x-ray.  The x-ray did not indicate pneumonia, but did show peribronchial cuffing  which they believe is due to a reactive airway.  We have another new contraption to administer medication for this situation and hopefully we’ll see a marked improvement before our next appointment.  30 more days and we will reached the 100 day mark. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.