Paris came home this weekend.  We were super excited to see her.  The children went wild with excitement.  So much to do, so little time to do it…especially when your splitting that time between two families.  It was just wonderful to have her here.  It made me realize that although I know how much I already miss her.  Having her here was just ‘complete’.  Her silliness, laughter and spirit have been missing.  We washed clothes because why pay when it can be done at home for free.  We fixed the printer, backed up and transferred the all the music, fixed the Spotify account, anti-virus situation (isn’t great having two IT peeps for parents), switched out cooler weather gear and sent her back with some of Daddy Quentin’s White Chicken Chili (which she requested), Chipotle (Thanks Nene) and some Indian cuisine (Thanks Daddy).  One of our main objectives was to find this girl a raincoat so I wouldn’t have to hear how she went to class and it wasn’t raining and she left class and got soaked or it started raining as I was going to class and I had to decide between running back for an umbrella to save the hair I just did or be late for class.  The hair took a hit.  Good choice girlie, but you’ve gotta hate it.  Believe it or not finding a suitable raincoat was a challenge.  We visited several places before finally finding one.  So if I have to hear about her being wet and rained on again, it’s because she failed to prepare or be prepared.

She hasn’t been gone long and but I already miss her all over again.  I made sure to hug her extra good and tight to last until she is here again in a few weeks for Fall Break.  It’s funny how you are so excited to have them come home and they are even more excited that other friends are home and everyone wants to connect and get together and it’s hardly ever possible unless someone plans a big ‘hey everyone’s back on break let’s get together gathering’.   I guess we have this to contend with for the next few years.  But we enjoyed every moment we did have.  I’m so proud of my girl and can’t wait to jump on skype tonight to chat it up.