Friendship is a beautiful treasure…best friends, life long friends, girlfriends, sister friends, mommy friends and the list goes on and on, but does anyone have a BFF with a Y Chromosome?

Growing up I was a ‘bit’ on the boys team.  You could typically find me riding bikes, playing 500 or football with a group of boys.  I always rolled with girls, but felt comfortable in either crowd.  When I lived in Panama, I had a really good friend named Johnny.  We were cut buddies.  We’d spend days playing video games at the arcade, climbing trees, playing football, exploring the jungle and just having fun.  Remember the days of good ole’ platonic boy/girl fun?  When I moved back to the states I hung out with a group of guys as a member of a breakdancing crew (don’t ask, but we were serious and traveled around performing).  My first trip to Canada was with those guys.  Shout out to Ronnie and Marc!!

When my family settled here in Virginia, my BMF (my best male friend) was Tony. Young bloods having fun back in the day.  Family gatherings, card games, rollerskating, dancing, club hopping, and playing tennis almost every day.  Tony is one of the funniest people you will ever meet.  Our friendship changed somewhat when he got married and I was not a big fan of the shift in dynamics.  I was really selfish about what I felt was an intrusion on our friendship.  I’m happy to admit I got a dose of reality once I was married.  Several years went by where we’d lost contact, but once we reconnected I had the opportunity to apologize for being so selfish and not understanding my place once those vows took place.  I love Tony and his wife.  They are the same awesome and fun couple they were back then.  Life just doesn’t allow us the time to get together as much as we’d like to.

When I moved to New York I had an ace boon coon named Sam.  Everyone needs a Sam in their life.  Sam is a friend that will always have your back, always tell you the truth whether you like it or not and always be there to help you along the way.  We’ve had some major life moments together and even though he now lives on the opposite coast, we are still close and can go right back to the good times in the NYC.

When I returned to Virgina and jumped back in the corporate scene, I had two very close male friends.  There were very few woman that worked in the IT arena at that time.  On our project out of 100+ males, there were less than 10 of us.  Ed and I were like yin and yang at work.  Breakfast, breaks, lunch, breaks, hitting the gym after work and then start all over the next day.  This friendship was one that if Facebook were in the mix and either of us said ‘in a relationship’ people would have instinctively thought ‘those two’, but we were just really cool like that.  Thomas and I were super close too, weekly lunches, deep conversations, work trips, tennis matches, softball games, etc,  Over time I lost touch with both of these guys, but I have since located them both (thank you Facebook) and they are doing all sort of fabulous things.

Has anyone ever had that male friend where you crossed that line romantically and you should have just left it alone? Most times it’s not worth the curiousity and other times you realize wow this was a mistake let’s just go back to being friends and it might be salvageable?!  Running out of that phase, along came the new guy on the project who became my ultimate most favorite person in the world, my husband.

Many know the story, I tried to marry him off to his college girlfriend and hook him up with my sister.  I’m so glad none of that worked. I thought Quentin was a great person from the first day I met him.  He is screamingly hilarious.  Don’t let the initial quiet factor throw you.  There was so much I admired about him as a person that after I’d tried all my shinnigans to set him up I realized once he moved to another team internally, how much I missed having him around and in my life on a daily basis.  I told my best female friend I was going to marry him or someone like him. Two years later our paths came together and we never looked back.

Quentin is definitely by super best friend with a Y chromosome.  I look foward to seeing him, talking to him, laughing with him and he is always the person I want to call first when something happens or goes on.  I look at Paris and ironically she is the same way (imagine that)?!  Loved by the girls and treasured as ‘that girl’ with her male friends.  Every girl should have a Johnny, Tony, Sam, Ed,  and Tom in their lives. These were all friendships that were significant in allowing me to recognize and appreciate the road that led me to love and the ultimate friend for life, Quentin.  I think if ‘Made of Honor’ had come out back then, I would have considered any of these guys in that role, but I’m so glad that each of them were able to share in the happiness and joy of our wedding day.  Shout out to all my BMF’s….my life has definitely been touched and blessed by you in your own way. Love and blessings to each of you!  Friends 4 Ever!