As I drove by, I totally got it, but I had to drive back and get out.  Tears streamed down my face as the gentlemen (guards) proclaimed this is ‘all for his glory’.  Trust me the guards were not proclaiming his glory on that night, but we know the story well, He is no longer in the tomb, He is Alive and Risen.

The ‘visual’ encouraged me.  This has been a long week.  This showed me that ‘late in the midnight hour’ God is going to turn things around and what it looks like, is not what it is.   We serve a Risen Savior who paid the ultimate price for our salvation
and as Elder Jackie Bruce ministered last week at Bible Study, ‘health and provision’
are a part of the covenant.  We know that Mireya’s health cannot dwell
in this space long and despite it all the enemy cannot have my joy, my
peace, or deter my belief or faith.

Thank you to Good News Free Will Baptist Church.  If you’re in the area you definitely should ride by and take this in.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to travel this road, at this hour, to witness such a powerful depiction of the ultimate sacrifice.  It truly blessed me!