During our visit to the clinic this week, Mireya’s counts remained virtually the same.  There was a slight reduction in her hemoglobin and a small rise in her white count, but relatively speaking they were hovering at the same mark.  For now she has been placed back on several of her medications.  It was a very long day and the bone marrow biopsy was quite an ordeal.  We were asked to arrive at 8:30am, but the procedure did not start until almost 1pm.  I was unhappy about the lapse in time because Mireya had not eaten anything since the
previous night and could not eat or drink anything until the conclusion
of the procedure.  So most of that time was spent waiting and creatively finding ways around Mireya’s request for food.

It has been a long time since we’ve been in the Fishbowl.  We started out in the Fishbowl for counts and ‘the cream’.  I say it that way because in the past I’ve seen the Nurses ask specific children if they wanted ‘the cream’ prior to their labs being drawn.  ‘The cream’ is basically a small piece of gauze slathered with a numbing solution which is then taped to the area that will be saying ‘hello to my little friend the needle.’  It immediately clicked that ‘the cream’ is offered to kids with ports (which is beneath the skin), prior to their ports being accessed. Mireya has the double lumen hickman, so we never had to received ‘the cream’ until now to help numb her hip. 

I can’t imagine how a numbing cream applied at 9am lasted or made a difference at 1pm, but I’m happy that Mireya was anesthetized for the procedure.  By the time Anesthesia arrived, got set up and the Medical team and Chaplain was assembled, we were about seven strong physically in the room.  Mireya was out in less than a minute.  I watched them begin to pull out all the instruments to perform an aspiration of the marrow as well as the removal of a bone chip.  All I could do was close my eyes, bow my head and pray.  I was about a minute into my prayer when the Chaplain whispered in my ear that he wanted to take a moment to pray with me.  We sat in agreement and silently asked the Lord to oversee everything going on in the room.  At that point the 8th was in the space and I was able to let go of my uneasiness.

When Mireya had a bone marrow biopsy done close to a year ago, we were asked to leave and come back in about an hour.  I didn’t understand it then, but I do now.  I glanced over as they were trying to get the bone chip and it looked like they were attempting to saw down a tree.  I’m the type of person that ‘feels’ things even if/when they are not happening to me.  It was as if they were drilling down into my hip.  I just wanted it to be over.  Most of you know that Mireya barely has a hip bone and it just pained me to watch them going for it with such intensity.  It took two attempts by two different physicians to get the sample.  Somewhere through all that grinding, someone attempted to lighten the mood by otherwise engaging our minds and we started talking about Sweet Frog.  I did not realize Sweet Frog is a Christian business and FROG stands for Fully Relying on God.   Who knew?  I had not heard this before, but that’s awesome. We’ve visited Sweet Frog quite a few times over the last few weeks.  I’ve been having a lot of Fully Relying on God moments.  Sweet Frog has been a treat, a reward, and a anything else we could categorize it as (anything but a stressful eating indulgence).  All bets were in that Mireya definitely deserved a trip to Sweet Frog after enduring this procedure and so did Mommy for having to witness it!

The team finally completed the biopsy close to 2pm. We were allowed to leave once Mireya woke up and bounced back.  Within about 15 minutes, she opened her eyes, yawned and stretched as if nothing had happened.  It was apparent that her hip was very sore as she continuously reached for it.  A few rotations of Tylenol really helped to ease the pain.

So for now we wait..did I mention waiting is over-rated.  As the saying goes, good things come to
those that wait, but the bible encourages us in Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they
shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint. 
Continuing to put all my faith and trust in the Lord for my strength and to see us through victoriously.