Mireya has had exceptional progress over the last week with counts.  Her counts last month were the best we’ve seen in two years.  Last week her counts were even better than those charted last month.  The Head of Hemoc (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology) had to take a pause when those numbers popped up on the screen.  Simply amazing!  She was released to start school last week with some restrictions, but we are so happy she can finally go to school.  She has been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year.

I worked with her teacher(s) and the school Administration to ensure we have everything in place.  We scheduled a tour and visit with her classmates to help prepare Mireya for the big day.  Meeting her classmates for the first time was a precious occasion.  There was one little girl, who has sent Mireya pictures almost weekly of the two of them playing together.  She was overcome with emotion when she finally got to see Mireya for the first time.  She sweetly grabbed Mireya’s hand and took her around the classroom to show her all the different stations and neat things.  It was so beautiful to witness.  The kids were super excited to see her…she was a total ROCKSTAR!  Mireya is a bit more reserved and observant and it was a little overwhelming at first having so many people approach and demand your attention, but by the time it was over, she was on top of the world.  The kids reminded her to take her Monkey home, because it would no longer occupy her seat.

 In the words of Mireya, her first day was ‘fabulous’!  It was a bittersweet experiencing my “First Day of Kindergarten’ as a Mom six months later, but my tears were those of joy. By the end of the week transportation had been arranged for her and she is enjoying riding a much less crowded bus to school. Because Mireya is only allowed at this time to return to school half days, she will continue Homebound a few days a week to complete her Math and Geography tracks.

Continue to keep us in your prayers, we’re thankful and grateful to reach this milestone and so happy for the continued progress for Mireya medically.