Gone are the days of being consumed with a life solely driven by treatment and all it entails.  Today we are enjoying living life in a new way (the difference a year makes).  Everyone is healthy and happy and there is so much we are grateful and thankful for!  My prayer is that everyone take a moment to truly understand how fortunate and blessed we are despite it all.  There are many things that have the ability to steal our joy if we allow it. ‘Choose’ to maintain a positive disposition regardless of the circumstance or situation. Make someones day and change how you feel about yours!  Look for ways you could bless others today…a smile, a phone call, a hug, a encouraging word, a meal, a dollar, your time…the list goes on and on.

Take time to reflect on the positive and move past the negative to reposition yourself and help others. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  Love and blessings to you all!