This is one of Paris’ favorite pictures of us…not so much for me, but we made some incredible memories on this vacation together

Many of you know me as the girl that shares a good thing when I come across it, whether it be a new movie, restaurant, salon or that best kept little find.  I have been connecting with people through my spa and wellness business for over 15 years..providing solutions and sharing the importance of  taking time for yourself, along with looking and feeling your best! The THRIVE buzz has been growing on social media.  A colleague suggested I try it, so I did and this is the breakdown.

One of my desires in 2015 is to maintain my physical goals and stay on track. In recent past I was unhappy about where I was physically, but most importantly how I felt about it. After my last little one was born, I had topped out at my heaviest ever.  I always worked hard to look well put together, but I was limited in my wardrobe choices and you know there is always the ‘smaller…I’m going to lose weight’ pile that you aspire to get back to. I hated seeing pictures of myself which meant I no longer liked taking pictures. As a former model (started in my mid-teens) how I presented myself to the world and the comfort level I had was important. Working in that industry for so long ‘can’ give you a very twisted thought process about body image. The final straw was seeing myself on television during an interview and not recognizing the person on the screen. Yes I understand the camera adds 10 lbs, but I in that instant I decided it was necessary to do things differently, invest in myself and make some changes.  Through a very regimented protocol, I learned the importance of portion control and the value of water (consuming 1/2 of your body weight daily) and the importance of clean eating and moving your body. I had great success….losing about 43lbs.  Just for the record ‘size matters’ only if it ‘matters’ to you.  It’s all about being happy and healthy…whatever that is to/for you.

People that haven’t seen me in years say ‘wow’ you haven’t changed a bit.  Those who have been alongside me over and through the years of our growing family know the challenges I had with the ‘bounce back’. Somehow things don’t always go back to how they were before or to the same place. But I no longer wanted to be the person that jokingly says ‘I’m still carrying my baby weight’ and my kids are 20, 9, 7 and 5. The onset of Mireya’s illness and diagnosis was about 18 months after Makinley was born. Understandably the stress of that situation coupled with less than desirable eating habits (fast food, snack attacks and little to no body movement or schedule to do so) my weight increased and I sort of lost myself and was really unhappy. In the grand scheme it mattered, but it didn’t. I had a bigger assignment at that time to oversee.

I’m a very compliant girl, if you give me something to do and provide me with steps to get there, I will follow it to the letter.  I believe because of that I had good success.  Sometimes we just need something to help us over the hump or to get jump started.  When you look good, you feel good and it shows.  Committing to the changes brought ‘me’ back in a big way.  I’ve managed for the most part to follow the same practices, remain active and maintain success for over 3 years.  Fast forward to late 2014 and I’ve gotten more relaxed in my practices, my activities and started to see some fluctuation in my weight and how my clothes were fitting and I didn’t like it.  The holidays in previous years have not been a huge challenge, but somehow this year I added an extra 10lbs enjoying holiday goodies and the Foodfest that occurs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I believe 2015 is going to be the game changing year for #TeamBolton in all areas.  Getting back on my physical wellness game as I said is one of my priorities.  When I heard about Thrive I was intrigued.  My compadre shared the positive changes he thought it would add to my life.  He didn’t have to twist my arm…I liked what I saw and made a decision to get it.  I felt I had nothing to lose investing in myself because it is important to me.  It is one of the best decisions I have made.  The experience varies from person to person, but I immediately had a mental crispness I had not had in years.  The fog was lifted.  I’ve always joked that after having all my sweet little ones that my brain cells would be regenerated at some point.  I feel like many of them have been returned to me.  I have incredible energy, more restful sleep and I have not craved my beloved coffee.  This is huge for me….I typically only drink water, but coffee consumption was a major part of my day.  For some it’s energy drinks or soda.  Every day I looked forward to my cup(s) of coffee.  I have not felt this good since I was 17.  The biggest indicator for me has been the level at which the aches and discomfort I’ve dealt with from several sports injuries and incidents has subsided.  So as a consumer of the experience, the results in short turn have been incredible.  Losing 6 of the 10lbs I gained over the holiday is an added bonus!!!

I’m loving it….so being the ‘sharer’ that I am, if you are looking for something to help you get unstuck, to drive you toward your goals, to help you optimize your body and make you feel better, you owe it to yourself to check it out. You have nothing to lose. This is an all-natural gluten and gmo free, plant based system consisting of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and probiotics that will help fill the nutritional gaps and help your body operate at peak performance.  Git R Done! Trust your girl! I added this under my Beautispa business as an offering – beauty inside and out is key.  I’m happy to get you connected.  I added this under my Beautispa business t

The girl on the right is much happier and healthier today than where the girl on the right found herself after life and challenges happened. It’s all about total wellness….what is your why?